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Bulk-send Whatsapp messages to new contact lists using:

✔️ Whatsapp messages get over 80% open-rate

✔️ Contact your leads and customers

✔️ No need to save their contacts on your phone

✔️ Personalize initial message

✔️ Ideal for outbound marketing

✔️ Improve your pitch as you send one-by-one*

Try it now for free!

You can test it now on up to 10 Whatsapp numbers.

And don't worry about your list!
Mazzapper runs client-side only, so your contact list doesn't get sent to or stored in any database or servers. It can't be accessed by us nor anyone else.

Step 1:
Paste list and prepare personalized message

Copy your list from a spreadsheet or text file and paste it here (tab or comma-separated)
If your list doesn't have country codes, Click here

Type the country code for the numbers you'll be contacting.
(USA = 1)

Mobile numbers and personalization variables

Format: mobile number with country and city code (use "1" for USA), followed by variable 1 [var1], variable 2 [var2], etc (up to 9 variables)

Whatsapp message with [var#] tags:

Format: use [var1], [var2] to insert the list variables in your message

Where you will be able send each message one-by-one*

20-second Tutorial

Learn more about bulk-sending techniques here

I love it!

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Mazzapper unlimited sending. Choose your service duration below

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