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We can do the sending for you!

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Mazzapper Blast service

Let our team do the Whatsapp bulk sending for you!
starting at $60 per blast

We’ll send it in the next 24hrs

Plans start at 1 Message to 1000 contacts for US$60.

We’ll send your text message with up to 9 personalization variables. (“Hi John, thanks for buying the silver access for next Tuesday“)

Pay with Credit Card (on Paypal)

Choose number of contacts to be contacted.

We accept:
You’ll be taken to to process your payment.
You will then be prompted to submit us your message and list. Your list will be deleted from our servers and devices once the blast has gone off so we stay GDPR compliant.

You can find us at

"I organized a whole 900+ people conference just using Mazzapper to reach out to exhibitors and participants!"
- Lucy Delamare


What is a template message?

A template message is the message you want to send to everyone, only it has placeholders for your personalization variables, that use the format [var1], [var2] etc.

Are there any setup fees?

Nope! You just pick a plan above, and send us the template message and list.

Can I bulk message images?

Unfortunately, Mazzapper only allows your first message to be text. Images and videos can be sent directly from Whatsapp, after your first message.

I'm not familiar with outbound marketing... any help available?

Yes! Check out our Whatsapp marketing tips and tricks here

Questions? Contact us via Whatsapp

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