How to do Market research on Mazzapper and WhatsApp

Doing Market research on Mazzapper and Whatsapp

I have a few strategies I like to use whenever I do market research on  Mazzapper. 


First, I take my list of customer contacts and I divide the list up into lots of hundreds so if I have a 1000 on my customer list I’ll end up with 10 parts of a hundred. 


Then I send myself each one of those via email So  I start doing my market by contacting the first hundred.


 On the first hundred  we’ll use one communication approach.  usually contacting this first hundred takes me roughly half an hour as I reply to their questions as they arrive. In other words, I halt the blasting process to keep the conversation warm


What’s good about WhatsApp is people reply within the first hour they get the message. 


On the next day I’ll take the second lot of 100 to approach them with another type of question.  Obviously the second question will be an improvement on the question from the previous day.


As you can guess my question on the third day will be even more fine-tuned.


This will keep on improving until my hypothesis has evolved and I’m getting closer to the Crux of the matter.


Usually by the fourth or fifth day much clearer understanding of how my customers think and react research hypothesis whether it is a new product service or promotion


Second: As you know and we’ve talked about  it in all our other tutorials,  I recommend conversing with your customers instead of just blasting  a single message with everything in it. As you know, the more you talk to them and exchange conversations, the more  they will share with you.

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Third: Another tip especially if you’re doing  market-research with more than a hundred people is to instead of asking for open ended answers you can supply them with multiple choices. 


So instead of asking “what’s your favorite wine” leaving it open-ended you can you can ask them and say what’s your favorite wine:

option A Merlot 

option b is Cabernet 

option C is carmenere

 option D is Malbec


But if you want to tabulate the results this may get complicated as you’ll have to either tally it on paper or review all your chats. 

Fourth: So to  systematize this research you can include a link on each of the multiple choices, so: 

option A is Merlot click here

option B is Cabernet click here

option C is Carmenere click here

You can use any URL shortener like to measure the click stats, which should correspond to the votes. 


The fifth tip to Market Research is keeping the conversation personal to include stickers and emojis obviously without overdoing it.


Don’t be disheartened if only half of your list replies to market research… that is already several times higher than other forms of mass communication like email, phone calls or street surveys. Email, For instance, hardly ever gets a 20% reply, even when the list is warm to the sender and interested in the survey. 


The sixth and last tip is to incentive survey participation by sharing your results. “Those who answer the survey will be sent the results on Friday”. This, of course, is limited to surveys that aren’t confidential or competitive intelligence. 

You’ll find that a survey amongst 100 customers or leads can be done withing an hour or two. Because you’ll be chatting, your data will be both quantitative as well as qualitative, producing lots of insights into how they think and what they want.

Start now!


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