How to run a successful Whatsapp outbound marketing campaign

Outbound Marketing on Whatsapp Success formula

The advantages of WhatsApp

If companies have already started to adopt WhatsApp among their marketing actions and a business version has been created, it is because there are advantages in its use.

Do you know what they are?


This is an advantage for both you and the user.

While lots of information crashes through email and social media, on WhatsApp you are sure your message has arrived.

With it, you have guaranteed deliverability.

And, as users constantly use to chat with friends and family, it is certain that they, at the very least, should see that your message is there.


The application reaches all ages!

You may not know it yet, but it is a trend that instant messaging apps get bigger and bigger, even surpassing social networks.

That is, among young people something is already guaranteed …

The whole social media movement and traditional email can still seem a little foggy to older people.

However, to our delight, they are already on WhatsApp and constitute a very important part of the market.


While in email, in social networks and, mainly, in calls, communication can sound interrupting, in WhatsApp the user chooses the time he wants to communicate.

In it, you can view and respond only when and if you want, which already avoids any fear of receiving phone calls.

In addition, they are already comfortable with the app – which generates a greater predisposition for them to feel equally relaxed in calling your company through the app, if they need it.

Success with marketing on WhatsApp

As with any marketing strategy, it is essential to plan very well how your actions will be to promote your brand and help your customers.

First, keep in mind:

  • What is your goal;
  • what exactly will be done; and
  • what will be the return.
  • Soon you will reap the rewards.

For this, WhatsApp proves itself as one of the most versatile channels of promotion, as well as email marketing.

However, here we have an advantage:

People use the app more often than email.

Most adults check their email daily, but check their messages on their cell phones throughout the day.

Therefore, the chances are much greater that your message will be read.

Below, we list the best ways for you to use the application in your company. Just choose the ones that work best:

Improve the relationship with your customers

One of the difficulties that several enterprises have is maintaining a good relationship with customers and retaining them after purchasing the product or service.

And believe me: it is much better to keep them close, since loyalty is more profitable than acquiring new customers due to the high value of CAC.

If they made the purchase, it was to meet a need.

Often, they may need help using the product or the nearest contact to frequently enjoy the service.

However, they may not speak – and that is even worse.

Some measures already help, such as a team and a culture of customer success or structured and recurring emails.

WhatsApp is another channel in which to invest to achieve your goals.

An inspiration is the WhatsCook case, from Hellmann’s, which identified a big problem when it comes to cooking and that everyone ends up going through: you have ingredients, you just have no idea what to prepare with them.

So, they created a kind of consultancy to give that help.

Just see what you have in your kitchen, send it to them, and a chef will help you with a recipe through the app.

Cool, isn’t it?

Support your customer

You can make WhatsApp available as another space for people to ask for help – and thus increase your customer retention.

Every company faces difficulties with products and services that go wrong at one time or another.

This does not mean that your company lacks quality. Not even!

However, you need to be prepared to get this right.

And that’s where customer support comes in!

Map all types of problems your customer may have and help them as soon as possible. Even better if done by a specialized team.

You don’t have to think only of serious problems. Helping goes from a doubt about the time of a meeting to something really more complex.

WhatsApp can be amazing for this function. It is yet another place to make yourself available, answer questions, give guidance, receive feedback – all in a practical and accessible way.

Just remember that consumers expect a quick and direct way of communication, with preferentially immediate responses. OK?

Promote new products and services

In addition to helping and improving your relationship with the customer, you can establish some ways to advertise and sell your products and services.

Do you have loyal customers? So, why not present your news to him?

Especially, for businesses with seasonal offers, it is an incredible opportunity to stimulate a recurrence in purchases.

For example:

If you have a clothing store, take the opportunity to call your customers to an event to launch the new pieces. It is a simple, informal and very pleasant invitation.

Another way to leverage sales is to offer discount coupons there. A very clear benefit for keeping in touch with the company, right?

And, in addition, there is a way to combine sales with other channels in multichannel strategies.

Shopgram had an incredible idea to create tags on Instagram and, if the customer likes a photo with one of them and is already registered on the base, the product will go straight to the shopping cart.

Then he receives a message on WhatsApp talking about the shipping and payment method. Fantastic!

However, the care here is doubled!

Do not send excessive promotional messages to avoid being blocked or marked as spam;

face the customer’s philosophy of success and don’t try to sell just for selling. Sell ​​so that the consumer can reach the expected results and trust your company even more. That is, make offers that will really be worth it.

10 golden marketing tips on WhatsApp

1. Be personal

Send personalized messages. The app is mainly used for people to chat with other people. So never send chains.

Use the first name of the contact at the beginning of the message and send something that might really interest you.

Still, maintain a professional attitude and respect the user’s space. This does not mean being serious all the time.

You can (and should!) Have a friendly relationship. You can even send some memes, depending on the tone of the conversation …

2. Don’t flood your contacts with advertising

As with email marketing, your worst nightmare should be spamming.

Communicate and don’t be invasive. Precisely because it is a more intimate space, keep your flow of publications low.

Better yet: try to be objective and let the consumer lead the conversation.

And, to keep growing, keep an eye on your results, see what works and what doesn’t and always optimize your interactions to keep your contact base for longer.

3. Have a multichannel strategy

WhatsApp is a great tool to maintain a good relationship, support and promote your products and services, but under no circumstances should it be the only one present in your marketing.

It works only as an aid.

For example:

You can reconcile it with social media advertising and content production to be found more easily, in addition to some ads on Google AdWords.

Choose the right channels and connect them in a powerful way for your communication to work in all instances.

4. Make strategic planning

Action planning is essential in any digital marketing strategy – and with WhatsApp it couldn’t be different.

Especially because it is such a personal channel, in which messages arrive directly on the customer’s cell phone.

In this plan, it is necessary to establish the following points:

types of content to send (photos of new products, promotional videos, only text with promotional codes, etc.);

times or time range in which they must be sent;

situations that motivate the sending of a message (new product available, discount period, opening of a branch, etc.).

This will allow your brand to contact you only when it is opportune and prevent communication from disrespecting the consumer’s space.

5. Communication via WhatsApp

When your customers contact or respond to a message you send, it is important not to keep them waiting and to return as soon as possible.

For this reason, the most interesting thing is to have a device and an exclusive number for communication via WhatsApp.

Since the application only needs an internet connection to work, it is possible to disable the mobile phone network of the cell phone to prevent an unwanted call from disturbing the interaction with consumers.

In addition, another good practice is to instruct the responsible employee to use WhatsApp Web or the desktop application, since the use of a computer keyboard and a larger screen can facilitate work and speed up dialogues.

6. Connect with existing customers

Receiving messages from an unknown number is quite unpleasant and even considered a kind of spam.

Therefore, WhatsApp is not the ideal tool for communicating with potential customers or generating leads – after all, this can damage your brand’s reputation.

The most recommended is to use the app to connect with users who are already your customers and who have given you some kind of permission to send them messages – like filling out a registration at the store, submitting information on an online form or adding your WhatsApp on your own initiative own.

7.Provide customer service by WhatsApp

One way to strengthen the relationship with your audience is to ask questions and promote other types of service through WhatsApp.

Instead of requiring the customer to call a SAC and face a waiting time, you can provide a more agile, simple and pleasant service.

Make sure that the person responsible for responding to requests responds to the customer as quickly as possible, without this hindering the quality of the service.

This readiness is essential because cell phone communications already have an immediate character – and respecting this characteristic will be the differential to delight your customers.

It is worth remembering that WhatsApp does not have a search system like social networks, so only users who have contact with the company can reach it through the app.

Therefore, ensure that your website, business card, network profiles and other media have the specific number for WhatsApp.

8. Make sales directly through the app

To allow your customers to close purchases directly through WhatsApp, provide a catalog with your products (can be PDF, landing pages or even ecommerce) so that they can choose what they want.

Then, through the messages, give them the opportunity to check the availability of the items and the option to book a product and make payment at the store.

If your company works with orders, make it clear what the delivery time is and send the tracking code for the customer to follow up.

9. Invest in after-sales

After the consumer makes the purchase, do an after-sales job asking if he was well attended, if he had a good experience to purchase the product and if the item was in good condition.

After that, let a few days pass and schedule a follow up to assess customer satisfaction with the product itself. Make sure that it met expectations and that it faced any usage problems that you can help resolve.

Attitudes like this contribute to strengthen the relationship between the public and the company and increase your chances of retaining more customers.

10. Send personalized messages

The “Transmission Lists” feature may seem ideal for sending a news or promotion to customers without having to write the message to each of the contacts.

With this functionality, it is possible to send the same text to up to 256 users, as long as they have their number saved on their respective smartphones.

However, to obtain more effective results, it is best to reach people with personalized texts and recommendations according to their preferences.

Therefore, evaluate the use of a CRM system in your company and use it to better understand your consumers and encourage greater engagement via WhatsApp.

We can conclude that WhatsApp marketing is a viable strategy and with very interesting benefits.

Greater proximity to the public, increased sales and increased customer satisfaction are certainly the most impactful.

Ready! Now that you know how WhatsApp marketing works, it’s time to improve your social media investments.

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