Whatsapp Broadcast feature vs Mazzapper

Why do outbound marketing by using a Whatsapp bulk sender like Mazzapper instead of using the Broadcast feature in Whatsapp?

We are leaving the email marketing age and entering the instant message era. One of the most used instant message tools is still Whatsapp… used in over 170 countries as the default app. So why not use it to contact your customers and prospects, instead of email or phone?

Enter the bulk senders

What are WhatsApp bulk messages?

WhatsApp bulk messages are an effective way to contact leads and build They also allow you to customize the content for each recipient.

The best thing about WhatsApp bulk messages is that they’re free!

You don’t need any special software to create them. You just have to upload your files on WhatsApp’s

a customer base. Bulk message campaigns can contain videos and images, as they can express their message with an infinite number of characters.


The advantage of Mass WhatsApp marketing

Sending bulk WhatsApp messages is a major optimization of time and resources: creating one message is much faster than 50 or 60.

It reduces the margin of error. It’s normal to get messages with typos and spelling or grammar mistakes when each one is written separately.

What’s the easy way to send mass WhatsApp messages?


Can You Send Bulk Messages on WhatsApp?

Bulk messaging saves time, optimizes resource use, and is a great tool for business-customer interaction.


How do bulk messages work?

From the beginning of WhatsApp, one of the most-used features has been the ability to send bulk messages. They allow businesses to find out what people who interact with them want, to distribute information, or publicize promotions that can help build customer loyalty.


But…how does Whatsapp marketing work?

It’s possible to send mass messages using the free version of WhatsApp we can all download. We can do this using bulk sending tools.

These Whatsapp bulk sending tools allow you to contact multiple recipients at the same time without creating a group or copying and pasting the same text over and over again.

It’s just like an email distribution list.

They are useful, but WhatsApp restricts how businesses send mass messages and has gotten very strict about people and companies who send spam.

Will it be considered spam?

It depends on:

  • quantity of messages sent (over 500 per day can get your account blocked!) ,
  • the content (are they promotional messages? do they smell like spam?)
  • and the quality of the list (Do they know you? Are they expecting a message from you?).


Can I send unlimited messages

If a company doesn’t do it the right way, such as sending over 500 similar messages per day , they run the risk of having their numbers blocked by WhatsApp. And of losing leads and clients, of course.

So NO… sending unlimited messages (over 500 per day) is not a good idea. We can’t stress this enough.

What about the Broadcast messages feature in Whatsapp?

  1. With the Broadcast feature in WhatsApp’s you can only send up to 256 messages a day. However, these messages are not personalized…so they are ok for notifying or alerting your list about something, but terrible for starting a conversation.
  2. You can’t do bulk messaging AND send custom messages using Broadcast feature.
  3. The other disadvantage is that only the contacts you have saved will receive the messages you send.


Can I use this with WhatsApp Business?

Yes, you can use regular Whatsapp or Whatsapp Business


What about customized messages?

Mazzapper allows for up to 9 variables so you can send personalized messages with up to 9 personalization input data. For instance “Hi Sarah, How are your kids Claire and Thomas? Are they ready for the 2nd part of their french classes?”

For example, if you wanted to send a different message to everyone in a certain country, you could create a variable called “Country” and then assign a value to it. Then you would set the message to go.


For this and many other reasons is why we created Mazzapper….Get started now


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